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Nike Woman’s Half Marathon


This run amazes me. Just from a pure marketing standpoint, every year I wonder how Nike manages to make a half-marathon fun. And, make people want to run period. I’m saying this, with no supporting data, only vibes I get and things I hear from the runners at ground level; this is a lot of people’s first half-marathon. So how does Nike manage to get all these first-timers to, 1) Actually train for it, because it’s tedious and very time consuming, 2) Make them pay almost triple what half-marathons regularly goes for, and 3) Not quit.


My best guess: It’s basically because it’s Nike. But this isn’t uncommon, or specific to Nike. Probably the only way to convince people to do a run is if it has a theme they like. Disney’s Tinkerbell run, Star Wars run, theoatmeal.com, all these things slap their brand on a run and suddenly it makes a impossible task do-able. Oh, I forgot about the hella cool medal you get that usually matches the theme when you finish. Nike and running is probably a good marriage between themes, hence it’s success. But then there’s the woman’s only factor that comes in, which adds another layer of exclusivity that people want to be apart of.


So I’ll change my answer slightly; because it’s Nike, because it’s exclusive, and because Nike throws out a bunch of perks that they make you pay for. This is the most expensive run I’ve ever seen, and it’s not even a full. I’ve paid less money for fulls, even half the amount for what it costs to run Nike’s half. I wouldn’t run this if I had to pay for it myself because it’s just doesn’t make sense.


On another note, I’m very burnt out on running and have zero motivation to continue the rest of this year’s runs. However, Nike managed to throw a pretty good party. Also, I’m tired of running in SF. I’ve had my fill. But I’ll be back next month for the Golden Gate Half.


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I’ve turned to making playlists help runs go by better. Music is adrenaline,  so I’ve timed it to know when to go hard and when to go harder. This time around, to keep with the theme of Nike Woman’s, I went all lady rockers. It’s very loud.