8 of 12: Oakland

The Town’s Half Marathon

I’m getting tired of running every month. Not physically (that I’m aware of), but tired of the idea of keeping it up. Don’t worry, after the years up, I’m keeping the run posts down to special occasions. I take a step back for a sec and realize I’m at 8 already. Jesus, I’m actually close to finishing what I set out to do, with a couple extra runs sprinkled in for fun. Helluva New Year’s Resolution. Which is half true, because I was probably going to sign up some runs regardless, just not so many consecutively.


So the Oakland half. I think the best compliment you can give a race is if you would run it again. I would, this one, again. I was a little frustrated after SFM, so I tried to get back into the spirit of things by not sucking. The expo at the end was cool with plenty of freebies to go around. I’m a little weary of all the beer that’s being served up after races. You’re already pretty messed up after a race from dehydration, you really want to pile it on?


Did I mention I was tired? There’s a mental drain, more than a physical one, that I’ve been encountering before and during races. I still get the high on occasion, but the amount of dread that’s been building to these things is escalating. I think it’s just too much. The next race was planned as San Jose Rock’n Roll… but that didn’t go as planned.


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