About $1,290.89

Curious how much it costs to do a years worth of generally unplanned races? Hint: it’s the title of the post, give or take. Very important to note the “generally unplanned” part. I cannot stress that enough, you can save close to half off every race when you sign up early.



Earliest being a year out, as you get closer to the race it’s more expensive. I’m interested in seeing what the price would be if I signed up for next year’s races now. I’m convinced it would be at least 30% off this current cost. But that’s a lot of commitment. I highly recommend getting somebody else to pay for them (thanks work).



This amount doesn’t include hotels, train rides, or travel. For SF ones, Sac, and Santa Cruz races, I did book some stuff but it wasn’t needed. For example, I could’ve done without the Santa Cruz hotel, but… it was pretty sweet rolling out of bed 10 minutes before the race and walking to the start line. I PR’d that one.



This isn’t exactly a cheap endeavor. Register early, use coupon codes, or don’t pay for them at all. You can still run the race if you don’t pay, you just don’t get a medal and a shirt. Or don’t run at all. Running is dumb and monotonous. It also takes up a crazy amount of time and annoys everybody around you.



January – Coyote Hills Half/10K/5K – $75.98

February – Woodside King’s Mountain Half Marathon & 5 Mile  – $48.95

March – Livermore Half  – $76.00

March again – Shamrock 5K Fun Run and Walk  – $26.25

April – San Luis Obispo Half  – $95.94

May – Surfer’s Path, Half  – $86.65

June – Marina Bay Half Marathon  – $96.90

July – San Francisco Marathon  – $165.00

August – Oakland, The Town’s Half Marathon  – $89.61

September – San Jose Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – $90.00

October – Nike Women’s 2015 – $230.00

November – San Francisco, Golden Gate Half  – $89.61

December – CIM – $120.00