My Top 10 Albums of 2015


The simple criteria of this list:

  1. Albums released in 2015.
  2. Albums I listen to in their entirety, lots of times (as opposed to just cherry picking tracks). But I did cherry pick some tracks here ūüėõ
  3. Ranked from favorite to most favorite.

10.  Baroness РPurple


Purple got me through tons of late night work with it’s melodic sweetness. It swoons and soars¬†with it’s intricate, complex, pounding tracks. Listen to “Chlorine & Wine”, lighten your day.

9. ¬†Cage the Elephant – Tell Me I’m Pretty


Goofy. Fun. A little vapid. But if the goal is perk up the mood a little and lighten spirits, Cage the Elephant nailed it. “Too Late to Say Goodbye” says it all on this album. You can very easily have this one on repeat for a couple hours and not notice.

8.  Graveyard РInnocence & Decadence


So damn happy I got to see these guys live this year. I will now see them every-time they are around. “The Apple & The Tree” will give you a good taste.

7.  Elle King РLove Stuff


This ones slowly, turning me back on to that twang. I didn’t catch this one until later in the year, but it’s been playing nonstop. “Kocaine Karolina” hits the sweet spot for me.

6.  !!! РAs If


Three times, I saw these guys this year. Sacramento, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco. There might have been a fourth, I’m not exactly sure. All I have to say is this: if you can’t dance “Every Little Bit Counts”, you’re a weirdo.

5.  The Chemical Brothers РBorn in Echoes


I generally like only parts of Chemical Brother’s albums. The albums usually build around a crescendo¬†and then everything else is okay. Not this time. I ran half-marathons to this entire album. There’s disjunctive, anxiety driven beats here that lend itself perfectly to zoning out to a run. “Sometimes I Feel So Deserted” will MAKE you run.

4.  Raury РAll We Need


It’s funny when an artist practically tells you why you dig them. Hint: It happens during “Woodcrest Manor II”. I REALLY dig this album, it would’ve been my album of the year if it wasn’t for a couple unexpected surprises.

3.  Du Blonde РWelcome Back to Milk


Her voice; I’m not sure what she’s trying to pull over on us. It’s not exactly pleasant the more I think about it. But I can’t think of a better example of somebody who just got everything else around them to work for what they were doing. It’s raspy, rough, but mostly an honest fun ride. “After the Show” would be a good example.

2.  U.S. Girls РHalf Free


I saw a Peaches show this year. Weird. The best part about it though was seeing U.S Girls open. The album itself is a little inconsistent, but Meg Remy… damn. It’s a captivating, deep, soulful thing she does when she goes deep. Really stuck with me, “Woman’s Work” might be my favorite track of the year.



Just listen to it.