Year Of Run, pt. 1 of 12

Alright, just going to get into it. Tomorrow (or today, I’m writting the preamble the night before) begins Year of Run. Lets just call it a challenge; to stack as many halves and fulls on the plate to keep one on edge for the entire year. I predict injury, I predict missing atleast a month, I predict a PR, I predict a lot of money being thrown away. Or none of the above and just one of my best running years to do.  Who cares it’s too late, time to get on with it. Here’s run 1 of 12…

Coyote Hills Half/10K/5K

Pulling up to where ever I was, it occurred to me I’ve ran this before. But a version of it that started at Quarry Lakes. And then through the boring part of land that leads into the bay preserve area. There’s a couple things I wasn’t expecting, mostly because I’m a dummy and I’ve stopped preparing for these things. I’ve had “one” race where I showed up hangover with the wrong shoes on and PR’d, so logically I think this will be the case every time. But seriously, do a little homework, doesn’t hurt.


Anyway, hills, 80% dirt trails and more sun than anticipated. Lot of rocks and good amount of places where you can bite it. I’ll have to check the elevation gain, it wasn’t a lot, but at some point it felt like hiking. 3 water stations, plenty of guides (last time I got lost and got yelled at because somebody thought I was cheating by running more), but switchbacks. Or loops, you can call them. Or laps, I think it’s the best term. Which is always a bummer, because your just doing the same thing twice.


cayote1 cayote2 cayote3

(could have done without running on this)



This is… uhh, quite the shirt. I also can’t get over how goofy this medal looks. I would like to see the runner up designs. Looks more like a wolf to me, something eerily familiar about the mascot.





Track that pushed me through:



Official time – 02:10:45

Next Race – TBD