Year Of Run, pt. 2 of 12

Where to begin. I’m pretty tore up right now as I jot this down. Leg elevated, knee iced, right foot a little mangled. Thinking about how dumb running is. I feel like I’ve made two poor decisions in a row. It seems I’ve chosen an unfortunate theme of trail running for this year. I get why people enjoy it, but it’s not for me. The last one (Coyote Hills), which I was told was trail running, wasn’t even in the same ballpark as this one. This was actual trail running.

Woodside Kings Mountain Half-Marathon

I thought the no headphone thing was just a polite suggestion. My idea of running is music. I turn around IMMEDIATELY when technology fails me. But this time I figured, well I guess it’s for safety. It was absolutely for safety, 120%. The path is too narrow for anybody to pass, call outs are a must. My head was down maybe 50% of the time so I didn’t roll my ankle on pretty much everything on the defined path.  Including a whole mess of these dudes. The amount of attention I had to pay to everything around me was ridiculous. If there was anymore than 300 people running this thing, it would’ve been a nightmare.


So I made it without the headphones. People seemed more chatty. I was reminded of how crazily ineffective/loud/annoying my breathing is. I used to do breathing exercises, but I think the 1,880 ft elevation gain threw me off. Downhill was cake.


woodside1 woodside2 woodside3





Official time – 02:02:23


Next Race – Livermore