Year Of Run, pt. 3 of 12

Has it been 3 already? Jeezus. It’s been making the year go by lightening quick. Last year this run ruined me, put me out for 3 months. Well, that’s misleading; I ruined myself, this course is actually fantastic (I can say that now, this year). It’s the right amount of everything. Perfect weather, well supported, very organized, and get drunk if you want later for free. And probably twice as fast. I’ve been patiently waiting for this one to come back around, mainly so I can get injured again and recoup some weekend sleep. Just kidding, that’s ridiculous.

Livermore Half-Marathon

When you get injured, cause it’s just a matter of time, you come back differently. You usually end up favoring some part of your body and giving the injured part a break. You might get a hella buff right leg or develop some crazy form. I’m not speaking for everyone in every case, just in general. I think I finally started getting back to running right today. Funny how  long some of these crazy injuries last. I had good balance, kept both legs in check, and tried to evenly distribute force as much as possible.


liv2015_1 liv2015_2 liv2015_3



Some drone action.





You run through some vineyards. Most interesting thing you’ll see during the course.


liv2015_5 liv2015_6



Bernie saved my ass (far left). It helps immensely when you have somebody of your own pace, pacing you. Pacing has always been a hard thing for me to pull off for me. But I believe we both had the same expectation.


liv2015_7 liv2015_8








Thank you Susan,  for giving me a bottle of the inaugural wine. Collect one for every year?






Power track



Official time – 1:57:49


Next Race – San Luis Obispo (This one is going to be hella funny)