Year Of Run, pt. 4 of 12

They should have this race every month. I would gladly dump cash into both the race and the train ride to do it. I don’t have enough good things to say about this race, the town, everything. The Madonna Inn is one goofy place. Manny knew what’s up. The train treated us well. Everybody was super nice. I probably enjoyed it all a little too much. And I was in good company. If you ever have a chance to do this run, go do it. Some hills, but nothing out of control.


At some point during the day before the race, I think I told Manny there was no way I was going to run the race the next day. Let’s just say I was “not feeling well” for reasons I don’t care to mention here (ask me in person and I’ll tell you about it). But when you put one of my favorite things to do (riding trains) in front of anything else that needs doing, don’t expect the second thing to get done. Luckily, Manny was kind of enough to grace me with his presence as we took a 5 hour train to San Luis Obispo. If he wasn’t there I would’ve bailed this time.

San Luis Obispo Half-Marathon

I usually can’t do the train rides justice with photos. I’m usually too busy just enjoying the scenery and the ride.


IMG_172IMG_1707IMG_1706IMG_1710 IMG_1711 IMG_1714



The finish line reminded me of Berkeley, putting one last hill right before you finish. That was pretty funny.


IMG_1717_MG_8020IMG_1722 IMG_1723





Kicked it up a notch:



Official time – 1:59:16

Manny’s time – 1:57:26

Next Race – Surfer’s Path Half-Marathon